Afis O. Shomade

Afis O. Shomade / Safety Expert

Afis  Shomade is a Nigerian with over 20 years of combined experience in safety planning & management program, risk & hazard assessments, environmental safeguards & ergonomics permit among others.

Mr. Afis has over 7 years’ experience in offshore and marine engineering projects and has worked with Qatar petroleum, Ras gas, and Qatar gas. Also, he has worked on different vessels from Dynamic Position (DP) vessels, Jack up Barge, Supply Vessel, Gas platform, both as a safety manager and coordinator. His contribution to Barzan offshore project made Qatar the No. 1 largest gas-producing nation a project valued at $10.4 BN. He has also completed his role as HSE coordinator at the completed “FLOW ASSURANCE PROJECT” offshore Qatar.

Currently resides in Georgia with his family and he’s a Safety Expert in “Salus Factum ” LLC and member of Georgia Health, Safety, and Environment Association.

“20 years since I’m in safety field and still my passion as a safety professional is to see an individual returning back home safely to his family from the everyday workplace. This was the motivation to form the company combining the professional and skilled people to straighten my motivation and create strong team in Georgia to serve safety values”.

-Afis O. Shomade