Our Services

One of the most effective ways to reduce workplace hazards and injuries is through a comprehensive, proactive safety and health management system. Taking a systematic approach to management makes managing your business both easier and more effective. Creating a safe work environment is a goal across all industries, and implementing a safety management system is an important step in fostering a culture of workplace safety. Adopting Safety Management Systems can not only reduce injuries and manage industry legal requirements, but also cut safety-related costs and improve organizational performance. We offer Authorship and implementation of policies, procedures and programs for local and multi-national organizations. Experienced with OHSAS 18001, OSHA, SMS, ISM and knowledgeable on the soon to be released ISO 45000 standard. We have experience with development of programs and controls to address the risks faced by our clients

Salus factum’s H&S Practitioners are experienced in providing auditing support to our clients.  We help our clients establish audit programs, including development of protocols, execution of audits, tracking of findings, as well as designing and evaluating key metrics. Our team will provide unbiased 3rd party auditing services, as well as integrating within a client’s audit team. Additionally we offer custom auditor training services for our clients

Our experienced team and trained technicians are poised to assist clients in all industry segments with the sampling, evaluation, and engineering support to address the hazards and risks in their employees’ work environment.

Risk assessment can be defined in a wide variety of ways within Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S). The challenges businesses face can range from business risk associated with sustainability reporting, to potential employee exposure, to human health or ecological risk rooted in a complex Superfund Site.

Salus Factum understands that the greatest opportunity to influence the ultimate outcome and long term cost of an incident is during the initial response period, and we will integrate our team with your organization’s incident management structure to achieve these goals.

We deliver effective emergency response solutions through the identification and prioritization of client-specific objectives including rapid recovery of spilled material, definition of impacts, soil and groundwater remediation and communication with regulators and the public.