Salus Factum safety policy directly reflects organization’s commitment to safety at workplace, operations and positive safety culture. This safety policy is applied to all personnel and every aspect of organizations activities.

Our vision is to be the best, by continually developing and improving our long lasting expertise, through innovative and pioneering solutions, aiming always for perfection and excellence in the management of all activities.

Our mission is to keep our customers always satisfied by providing them the highest quality, safety, environmental friendly management of all activities in accordance with their needs and expectations and full compliance with international and national legislation, as well as other industry standards and devotion, fully committed to zero accidents, zero losses and no harm to environment.

Salus Factum is committed to:


  • Providing excellent health and safety management services
  • Meeting and exceeding costumer requirements
  • Developing and upgrading resources
  • Creating and implementing industry best practices

Safety & Health

  • Providing a safety and healthy working environment for all employees;
  • Aiming for accident free operations;
  • Preventing loss of life and avoiding damage to property
  • Every employee is required to take both a proactive and preventive approach to safety. Every employee must take steps to immediately mitigate hazards where the needs exist and report the hazards or incidents trough the appropriate company reporting procedure.
  • Assessing all risks of all activities, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards
  • Improving safety skills of employees and continuously promoting safety culture


  • Complying with all applicable environmental and energy legislations and regulatory controls
  • Preserving and protecting natural resources
  • Encouraging respect and responsibility from all employees towards the protecting of the environment and energy saving

Open reporting

  • Ensuring and promoting a free and anonymous reporting by all employees on any concern or issues of non-compliance with rules and regulations or the organizations policies
  • Ensuring that any concerns submitted via the reporting will be investigated and followed up.
  • Guarantying that Disciplinary action will not be taken against an employee who acts to prevent an injury, reports any accident, incident or hazard. Elements such as illegal activity, negligence, acts of willful misconduct, or undue care and attention, must be consider as an unacceptable behavior and will be considered to be outside the scope of this policy.