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Salus factum H&S Practitioners are experienced in providing auditing support. Our team will provide unbiased 3rd party auditing services, as well as integrate within a client’s audit team. Additionally we offer custom auditor training services to our clients

ISO Quality and Environment

If you are willing to strengthen your operations, increase customer satisfaction and stay on high demand on market, ISO consulting and certification sounds best for you and is good investment. To be sure that you are getting the best, you need to work with best and get the appropriate analyse

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industrial workers engage in many activities that may expose them to serious hazards, such as falling from height, unguarded machinery, flamable gas and combustibles,struck by heavy equipment. Information, tools and procedures provided by Salus Factum team are designed to help your company minimize the risks of injuries and unwanted incidents.


Construction safety has become a major equation in the construction industry. Our safety professionals have a strong experience in construction and engineering. Our services are competitive and we customize our plans to our client needs.

Your Business Safe environment guide ``getting to zero mark``


We believe that we can succeed if we honor our past, present and future. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients as well as our employees reach their full potential. We can achieve this through quality service, responsibility, trust, honesty, integrity, and above all by honoring our client’s, our families, and ourselves. We will continue to cultivate our roots to grow in knowledge, service, and loyalty.

We offer safety compliance assistance, job site safety inspections, accident investigation services, and safety staffing. Our safety professionals bring extensive experience in a broad variety of construction disciplines and situations to your unique needs.


Words “Salus Factum” are from Latin language and word by word it means “safe work” or “healthy act”.

Also word Salus was a roman goddess of safety

We help entrepreneurs to create safe workplace and environment in their company through auditing and consulting.

Salus Factum mostly is active in construction, gas/oil and aviation industries. But we are not limited in the fields of activity due to the fact that we follow the strict regulations of international work safety regulators.


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