About Us

We believe that we can succeed if we honor our past, present and future. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients as well as our employees reach their full potential. We can achieve this through quality service, responsibility, trust, honesty, integrity, and above all by honoring our client’s, our families, and ourselves. We will continue to cultivate our roots to grow in knowledge, service, and loyalty.

Our philosophy is simple – help businesses manage risk today to drive continuous improvement tomorrow. We collaborate with our clients to establish, implement, and transform occupational health and safety management systems. To help our clients achieve sustainable performance, we tailor solutions to protect their assets, including the most important one of all: people.

Our Risk Management and Safety Culture Analysis team can assess your gaps with compliance and conformance. This will allow you to create a safer culture and bring down the high cost of unsafe behaviors and hazardous environments.

We offer safety compliance assistance, job site safety inspections, accident investigation services, and safety staffing. Our safety professionals bring extensive experience in a broad variety of construction disciplines and situations to your unique needs.

We provide complete safety management assistance: policy development, training, compliance inspections, accident investigation, crisis management assistance & representation.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost effective solutions to our client’s safety needs, taking into account the impact it may have on employees/employers, profit, production, and quality issues.